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henna scorpion on neck


The traditional Henna Body Art is an ancient version of temporary skin art from plant-based (lawsonia inermia) stains/dyes, and is usually created in shades of dark brown and red hues. Henna is also known as mehndi or mehandi.

Henna Art is still most popularly done in the traditional body adornment style of decorative dot and line designs from India. However, objects are also illustrated, but usually in a slightly disjointed stencil-looking manor. This art form is most commonly done on the exposed hands and feet, although they can be most anywhere on the body (even prenatal bellies). Henna/mehndi is one of the oldest cosmetics.

Henna can be a great media for imitating the facial tattoo designs of New Zealand's Maori. Other of the Earth's aboriginal/natives and modern cultures can even be imitated with this Indian method of temporary body art.

henna back band


Modern versions of henna color offer many more vibrant choices for a totally new look even when applied to the traditional patterns. Or you may prefer a modern pattern as well. These henna pigments are now available in black, white, pink, blue, yellow, green, violet, red and more, as well as the traditional earthy reddish-brown hues.

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