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FACE & BODY PAINTING (full face masks, cheek or spot designs):

Face Painting usually refers to painting a small design on one side of the person's face; specifically their cheek. I also offer Mask/Full-Face Painting. Spot decorations on body limbs are also a very popular placement alternative!

Especially very young children may prefer to have their "face painting" done on the back of their hand, or other location where they can see it being done and enjoy looking at it later, without having to look in a mirror.

With the increased popularity of body art in general, more and more people of ALL AGES are asking for their chosen design(s) to be placed on an arm, leg, shoulder, neck, lower-back, belly, etcetera.

Designs are done free hand with hypo-allergenic paint made especially for sensitive skin. The designs include flowers, animals, cartoon characters, seasonal designs, lettering and so much more. The artist (myself, Georgena) also decorates some face/body art with glitter, sequins, stars and rhinestones. I can also do most custom design requests, even if they are not shown on my posters. Click Here for Pricing.

spider guy - full face painted mask

Guys too dolphin child red white blue clown




There is another category of Body Art also called, "Body Painting", which refers more often to full-body painting (or fairly major skin coverage).

This is usually an art form requiring something far beyond makeup and spot decorations. It is done primarily for advertising/poster art, actors in theater, and other media presentations. This being the case, it is more popular in major media centers of New York, Las Angeles, Las Vegas, Paris and the like. However, if you have an art project or show calling for this particular art form, feel free to check with me to see if it fits my parameters and your budget.

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